thank you readers

20,000 eBOOKS SOLD

Over the years, I signed with two agents and worked closely with a couple of editors in NY. I gave myself self-imposed deadlines. I found a fill-in-the-blank contract with a NY publisher on-line, printed it off, filled in the blanks, signed it, and kept it on the wall in front of my computer. I wrote a make-believe Publisher's Lunch Sweet Deal made by Theresa Ragan and hung that up too. I went to RWA's National Conferences, filled my days with workshops, and learned from the best. I critiqued and brainstormed with some amazing writers. And yet I couldn't make a sale. I thought about giving up, even tried it for a few months and couldn't.

After that, I did what I had to, I kept on the car while picking up kids, late at night, early in the morning. I don't have an office. I take my laptop from room to room. Sometimes I write without the light on so I won't wake anyone up.

When you're a writer, you write.

Four months ago I was looking through the Want Ads for a job. After nearly two decades of writing while raising four kids, it was time to get a job that pays. With nothing to lose, I self-published my two medieval time travels, followed by three more books. 

I hit the 20,000 mark on July 9th, but I haven't known what to say on my blog. Yay me! sounds stupid. I don't want this to sound like some sort of Oscar speech either when I thank my readers...every single one of them. But if that's what it sounds like, then so be it.


And thanks to every single writer and family friend who bought my book just to support me and my dream.