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Meet Caroline Fyffe!

I’m an equine photographer turned western historical romance author.  I have to say I think I’ve had two of the most enjoyable jobs a person can have.  I’ve spent 20 years photographing horses at horse shows and farm shoots, and now I get to write about them.  What could be better?  I’m married and have two amazing sons, of whom I’m very proud.  My oldest has recently earned an MBA and landed a good job—double yay in this economy.  My youngest is still in college and also a United States Army Reservist.  He returned home from Iraq on 11/11/11! How amazing is that?  A mother could not be prouder.

How many pages do you think you could write in a day with zero interruptions from 8am to 8pm?

It’s been years since I’ve counted pages.  I go by word count and work to get something like 1,000 or 2,000 a day.  I usually end up somewhere in-between.  I play a game with myself where I set a goal to reach with the time I have.  I break it down by hour and minutes.  I know I have to write X amount of words each ten minutes to attain the goal by 5 pm—that’s when I go down and watch the news.  I start at 7am and work until about 11:30am, take a break and trudge to the basement where I run on my treadmill, then back at it an hour later.

Did you ever want to quit writing? Why or why not?

Actually, I did quit.  From about 2002 until about 2006 I stopped writing and submitting.  I guess I was discouraged.  But, as time went by, I found I was unhappy and decided I’d start back up with the intent on submitting to contests—nothing else. (I really liked contests. LOL) It was barely a year after I started again I got a request from winning the 2008 TARA and was offered a publishing contract.

What are your writing career goals? (i.e. to write 2 books a year? To hit the NY Bestsellers List? To sell 100 books a month?)

All of the above!  A girl can dream, can’t she? In addition to those, I’d LOVE to see WHERE THE WIND BLOWS as a movie.  A good western—with handsome cowboys, beautiful horses—cattle and of course, a spit fire heroine, is hard not to love on the screen.  In that same vein, The McCutcheons are just itching for a weekly TV show on Lifetime.  LOL I believe one may as well dream big!

How do you think (take a guess) writers like Nora Roberts write so many books in a year?

For one, it’s their job.  But in addition, I think a writer gets faster with each book as she gains confidence in her abilities.  Insecurity in what we’re writing, or how we’re doing it, is what slows us down.  Those amazing authors have shown to themselves that they can do it—and that what they write is gold.  Each morning they just sit down and go for it!

Any advice for a new writer getting started?

Enjoy what you do.  Smile while you write.  Make friends with other writers. Get in a support group. Be courteous. Pat yourself on the back with your successes.  Comfort yourself when disappointments come. Know that very few people can do what you do. Never give up. Know life is short. Believe in yourself, your message.  And remember—no one can write the book that’s in your heart better than you can….     

Thanks for joining me today, Caroline! Years ago, Caroline and I were critique partners and then later we became brainstorming partners. We have shared many ups and downs and lots of laughs over the years. We have also roomed together at RWA conferences and shopped for clothes before conference. Caroline is as sweet as her books.

For more information about Caroline, you can find her at:

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