New Website

Welcome to my new blog/website!

Hello! I'm so glad you stopped by.

I write Medieval Time Travels, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense and I have a Thriller coming out soon under the name, T.R. Ragan (because I don't want people to buy it thinking they're getting fluffy fun romance and then find out they got something else entirely).

I am happy to announce that two of my medieval time travels, Return of the Rose and A Knight in Central Park were released March, 2011, on Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords (still need to upload A Knight in Central Park on Smashwords).

I have had a website for years, but I couldn't update it because my son lives in New York and he has the power! So, I came to blogger so I could talk to readers until I get my other website updated.

After 19 years of writing and researching medieval times, I finally have a chance to share my books and talk with readers.

Making the decision to self-publish was the best decision I've ever made. In January, 2011, after I finished my most recent book, a romantic thriller titled, ABDUCTED (will be released in May, 2011), I re-read Return of the Rose, a book I wrote many years ago. Return of the Rose was nominated three times for the Golden Heart and snagged me an agent way back when, and was almost bought by a publishing house in NY, but then the editor left for another house...story of my life.

Anyhow, on March 18, 2011, I released my second medieval time travel, A Knight in Central Park, and it's been fun to watch the book take off because it's one of my favorites. I received a one star today, but that's to be expected. I love that people can say what they want and read what they want and do what they want. There's something for everyone. I love my stories and I'm standing by everything I put out there.

I hope you enjoy my stories, too!