Karla and Steffi

Swept Away by Romance

Today, Steffi and Karla of Swept Away by Romance reviewed TWO of my romance novels. It's not easy to get a review these days, so to find out I was blessed with not one but two reviews, got me really excited. I read the reviews of my books and loved them (THANK YOU, Karla) and then I started reading all of the other reviews on their site. I like their style. Karla and Steffi give you just enough information to entice and yet not too much that you no longer need to read the book!

I also learned that I don't think Karla was thrilled with my blurb on Having My Baby. I might need to change that up!

Anyhow, I wanted to give a big shout out to a couple of awesome reviewers who have been reviewing now for six months. I look forward to visiting their site often to see what Karla and Steffi are reading.

Speaking of which, what are you reading?  I am currently reading LOCKED DOORS by Blake Crouch.