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A Knight in Central Park is at #30 in Bestsellers in Kindle ebooks. Click HERE.

A Knight in Central Park is at #35 in Kindle Store. Click HERE.

Writing is a solitary business. Writers sit in front of their computers/laptops day after day. Alone. Many writers like it that way...but those few and far between times when we want to celebrate a sale or a contest win, we look around and there's nobody to celebrate with.

My kids are happy for me but mostly they roll their eyes because they see me get way too excited over a ranking. :)

Whether you leave a comment or not, I know you're out there celebrating with me.

If you have bought my book and it's sitting in your to-be-read pile, THANK YOU.

If you downloaded my book for FREE and read it and enjoyed it, THANK YOU!

If you even thought about reading one of my books because it sounded interesting, THANK YOU! :)

READERS ROCK! That's all there is to it.

In celebration of all this fun, I am giving away a PRINT copy of Return of the Rose. It's the only book I have in print so far because I've been writing instead of formatting. To win, all you have to do is leave your email in the comment section so I can email the winner tomorrow morning (8/19) and get your address so I can send you my book!  For example of how to leave your email: "theresa ragan at gmail dot com"  That's it! I will pick ONE random name and contact the winner in the morning.