A Highlander for Christmas

Meet Sandy Blair!

I fell in love with historical Romances while in my teens then married a man who not only took me to Scotland but whose relatives speak with a Scottish brogue. My Scotland-set historicals have earned RT’s 4 ½ star Top Pick, won the Golden Heart, National Readers Choice Award, Golden Quill and Berkley Awards, and a nomination for a RITA. On occasion I’ll throw in a dash of the paranormal just for fun.

Did you ever want to quit writing? Why or why not?
Once upon a time, but only because I’d yet to learn to say, “No,” to an editor who wanted to push my contracted deadlines forward.  I ended up writing 4 single title novels plus a hefty novella in 3 years while dealing with all the required promotion. Thank God for readers. Their kind letters breathed life back into my muse, which had totally flat-lined.

What are your writing career goals? (i.e. to write 2 books a year? To hit the NY Bestsellers List? To sell 100 books a month?)
I’d love to make the New York Times Bestseller list with my next release.  If that’s not in the cards then I’ll settle for the USA Today list. J  Of course another RITA nomination would also make my year.

Have you truly mastered grammar and sentence structure? Do you feel 100% confident about every comma in your book?
Ha! If only.

How many pages do you think you could write in one day if you had zero interruptions from 8 AM to 8 PM?
While under the gun I can produce 20 solid pages per day…but over an 18 hour period, not 12.

How do you think (take a guess) writers like Nora Roberts write so many books in a year?
I’m not sure, but if I didn’t have to cook, clean, do laundry, buy groceries, scrub toilets and do my own promotion unless the urge struck, I too might be able to write more.

What would be easier for you to write, a sex scene or a murder scene?

Hmm, the answer depends on the day. If I’m in my “I love you today more than yesterday. Yesterday you really pissed me off,” mode, then writing the love scene is easier. If he has yet to apologize, then the murder scene.   

If you were allowed to have only ONE book (of yours) for sale on Amazon and B&N, which book would you select? Why do you think readers might enjoy it?
Easy…My current release The King’s Mistress is a romance set against actual historical events. It’s currently available in Kindle and Nook versions through B&N and Amazon. On June 5, 2012 it comes out in paperback for those who love to hold books in hand. 

Any advice for new writers just getting started?
Enter your manuscript into contests with published author judges before submitting it to an agent or editor. When you receive your score sheets really think about the advice you’ve received. If all three judges say the exact same thing, listen to them. If they don’t agree, go with your gut. After all, only your career is resting on the manuscript.

More writing tips can be found on www.SandyBlair.net along with great monthly prizes, photos of castles I’ve slept in, video book trailers, and answers to that age old question, “What’s Under the Kilt?”  Folks can also follow me on  http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=617887056 

Thank you!