She was furious and outraged, and now they will feel her WRATH

Those who hunt monsters must be careful not to become monsters themselves. Faith McMann was once a wife, mother, and teacher. Now she has become Furious, a merciless avenger on a deadly mission to retrieve her young son and daughter, no matter the cost.

The final book in the Faith McMann Trilogy is HERE!

Researching serial killers ended up being light reading compared to learning about sex trafficking, modern day slavery happening right here in Sacramento. Although the subject matter is terrifying, I think it’s important for all of us to open our eyes to what’s happening in the world. Faith McMann, the protagonist, a wife, schoolteacher and mother of two, is not afraid to go head to head with these horrible thugs. She’s a fighter and these guys are going to wish they never messed with Faith and her family. A few early reviews on Goodreads compare Faith McMann to Lizzy Gardner. How could you not? They’re both survivors, they’re both strong women, and they’re both fighters who take matters into their own hands.

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