My Indie Journey So Far

Since March of 2011 I have sold over 350,000 e-books. Hopefully I will have an exact number by the time my two-year anniversary rolls around. I love making lists and so I thought I would share some of the highlights since I published Return of the Rose last year:

  • I began to receive incredible emails from wonderful readers.

  • A Knight in Central Park was selected by Pixel of Ink as one of their Top 10 bestsellers in 2011

  • A Knight in Central Park was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, print and e-edition

  • A Knight in Central Park hit the Top 100 All Kindle Best Sellers List twice

  • Abducted hit the Top 100 All Kindle Best Sellers List twice, making it as high as #5

  • Taming Mad Max and Dead Weight hit the All Kindle Top 100 List

  • I was interviewed on USA Today's HEA blog

  • I was approached by some wonderful agents, foreign sales people, and two movie producers

  • I received mentions in Amazon's Press Release and KDP Newsletter

  • I was mentioned in PC Magazine on February 29, 2012 among others

  • Return of the Rose and A Knight in Central Park remained in the Top 20 in Time Travel Romance for over a year

  • Abducted received a wonderful review from Kirkus Revews.

  • Abducted was given 4 1/2 Top Pick in the April 2012 Romantic Times magazine.

  • Abducted was selected as one of the BEST for 2011 in Suspense Magazine.

  • Kaylee Beyea from Nebraska picked ME as an America Author to write about

  • I signed my first Publishing Agreement with Amazon

  • I love working with my editor, Alan Turkus, with Thomas & Mercer

  • I attended my first BEA (Book Expo in New York) and I spoke on my first panel

  • I was interviewed by Bernard Starr at the Huffington Post

  • Having My Baby hit the All Kindle Top 100 List and hit #48 at B&N

  • I signed a seven-book contract with Audible

  • I will be speaking at the Idaho Book Extravaganza on November 10, 2012

  • I was invited to attend Amazon's Press Conference in Santa Monica where I was lucky enough to be one of three featured authors on the video shown

  • I was invited by D.D. Scott to post once a month on the incredible WG2E blog.

  • I am working on my first collaboration, a short Christmas story, with D.D. Scott

  • I have met so many wonderful authors and professionals in the industry

Although I have moments of feeling overwhelmed, I have never had so much fun! I am also learning to make more time for writing. That's my priority. I have four finished novels I could release, but as far as I'm concerned, they need more work. I refuse to publish a book until I feel it's the best it can be. More than anything, I want to work on my craft and become a better storyteller and a better writer because there is always room for improvement. I recently finished book 3 in the Lizzy Gardner series and I'll be sending the book to my editor next week! yay! 

If you're a new writer just starting out, don't look too far ahead into the future. Don't write for money or fame, write because you have a story to tell. Live in the moment and write that book one page at a time. You can do it!