Over 214,000 Books Sold in First Year!

214,820 Books Sold!!



Totals are as of the end of February 29, 2012 and do NOT include over 160,000 FREE downloads
(Amazon and B&N combined Sales)
Borrows have NOT been included in total sales

Return of the Rose - Released March 2, 2011 $2.99
Medieval Time Travel Romance

March: 298
April: 894
May: 1,600
June: 1,475
July: 1,291
August: 2,352
September: 1,955
October: 1,527
November: 981
December: 1,074
January: 1,457
February: 1,519

Total: 16,423

A Knight in Central Park- Released March 18, 2011 $.99
Medieval Time Travel Romance

March: 247
April: 6,071
May: 4,306
June: 2,414
July: 1,330
August: 9,812
September: 2,088
October: 1,348
November: 876
December: 2,383
January: 2,685
February: 1,485

Total: 35,045

Taming Mad Max - Released April 25, 2011 $2.99
Romantic Comedy

April: 30
May: 182
June: 265
July: 310
August: 934
September: 1,872
October: 2,125
November: 2,150
December: 1,561 (272 borrows)
January: 4,393 (782 borrows)
February: 1,088 (99 borrows)

Total: 14,910

Finding Kate Huntley - Released May 5, 2011 $2.99
Romantic Suspense

May: 187
June: 261
July: 325
August: 1,159
September: 3,363
October: 2,089
November: 1,095
December: 4,421 (1,088 borrows)
January: 2,523 (791 borrows)
February: 1,908 (123 borrows)

Total: 17,331

 Abducted - Released May 29, 2011 $2.99
Romantic Suspense/Thriller

May: 25
June: 694
July: 1,708
August: 12,917
September: 39,413
October: 18,176
November: 6,645
December: 3,649
January: 2,118
February: 32,500 (5,088 borrows)

Total: 117,845

 Dead Weight - Released December 22, 2011 $2.99
Romantic Suspense/Thriller

December: 451
January: 1,430
February: 11,385 (325 borrows)

Total:   13,266
Nineteen years ago, when I set out to write my first book, I felt such a compelling need to not only write, but to get my stories read. It wasn't about ego or money, but about entertaining people and proving to myself that I could do this. I wanted to show my kids that perseverance and hard work pays off. More than a few people reminded me that writing was one thing, but actually getting my books published was quite another. I knew the odds were against me, but that didn't stop me. I believed that if I worked hard enough and long enough, I would see my books on the shelves of a local book store. Writing every day, finaling in prestigious contests, and signing with two agents wasn't making the process work any faster for me. I stopped attending writing conferences after 2008 because I was beginning to feel like a wannabe. All of my writing friends and critique partners were published by that time. I was always happy for their success, because whenever a friend sold that told me publishers were still buying, which meant there was hope. But still, I was beginning to believe that I had been wrong. Hard work combined with perseverance wasn't the magic key afterall. My husband had never read a word of what I had written over the years, but he knew I was feeling down and he told me to write for the love of writing or stop writing altogether. And he was right. For the first time since writing my very first book, I didn't care what was selling hot and what was not. Writing Abducted was fun and therapeutic. I was writing the story for me. Not only was my heroine going to survive a horrific event, she was going to learn to move on with her life and make a difference in other people's lives, too.

And the rest, as they say, is history!
Below I have listed some of the AMAZING things that have happened in my first year as an indie author:
  • I received incredible emails from readers!
  • A Knight in Central Park was selected by Pixel of Ink as one of their Top 10 bestsellers in 2011.
  • A Knight in Central Park was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, print and e-edition.
  • A Knight in Central Park hit the Top 100 All Kindle Best Sellers List twice.
  • Abducted hit the Top 100 All Kindle Best Sellers List twice, making it as high as #5.
  • Taming Mad Max and Dead Weight hit the All Kindle Top 100 List.
  • I was interviewed on USA Today's HEA blog.
  • I was approached by some wonderful agents, foreign sales people, and two movie producers.
  • I received mentions in Amazon's Press Release and KDP Newsletter.
  • I was mentioned in PC Magazine on February 29, 2012 among others.
  • Return of the Rose and A Knight in Central Park are still in the Top 20 in Time Travel after one year!
  • Abducted received a wonderful review from Kirkus Revews.
  • Abducted was given 4 1/2 Top Pick in the April 2012 Romantic Times magazine.
  • Abducted was selected as one of the BEST for 2011 in Suspense Magazine.

The BEST part of this new journey has been connecting with readers.

Thanks to all who have taken the time to read one of my book(s), write a review, comment on my blog, offer congrats, or email me to tell me I have a new fan!

2011 has far exceeded my wildest dreams. No matter what YOUR dreams are, don't let anyone tell you that you can't succeed.