The Book of My Heart

Return of the Rose is the book of my heart. It took me five years to write and if I had sold it to a NY publisher fifteen years ago, I'm pretty sure I would still be writing medieval time travels. But everything happens for a reason.

Return of the Rose
I am so grateful for everything I have learned over the years...especially patience and perseverance. Return of the Rose garnered three finals in RWA's Golden Heart Contest.

As of today, I have two books in the top 100 Kindle store at Amazon. A Knight in Central Park is #50 and Abducted is #70. At the moment, Return of the Rose, is ranked #368 and #3 in Time Travels. Finding Kate Huntley and Taming Mad Max are climbing, slowly but surely.

I've had some big dreams over the past two decades and not one of them ever came close to what I am experiencing right now.

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Thanks to all who have left encouraging comments over the months and/or reviews and emails.

I will be posting a sales update on September 1st. As always, if you have any questions, leave a comment or email me at