Giovanni Gelati and Me...Tomorrow...7 AM

Down Low-Dead (The Author's Lab/Collaboration)

Join me tomorrow morning at 10 AM Eastern Time when I'll be talking to Giovanni Gelati on the G-Zone.

Giovanni Gelati is the author of Down Low-Dead and many other books that get great reviews. I recently read Down Low-Dead and laughed from beginning to end. The short story begins with Giovanni taking his wife out for their anniversary. His idea of a romantic night out includes cheesesteaks and a ball game. I was waiting for him to give her a brand new vacuum cleaner with a big red bow on the handle. :) The ending took me by surprise, but thanks to Vincent Zandri, Mrs. G gets the last laugh. $$$$$

Down Low-Dead gets five out of five money symbols because I don't know how to make any other symbol on blogger.

My chat with the G-man should be interesting. I'm a writer not a speaker and I don't think he's into romance novels. Join us and count how many times I insert foot into mouth.